Albert Collins

Vocals, Guitar

Date of Birth:  October 1, 1932    Leona, TX

Date of Death:  November 24, 1993  Las Vegas, NV

Place of Burial:  Davis Memorial Park

                          6200 South Eastern Avenue

                          Las Vegas, NV 89119

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location:  Garden of Prayer, Section C, Space 2

                            36  4' 36" N / 115  7' 3" W


Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In A Guitar), Imperial (LP 12428)

Trash Talkin', Imperial (LP 12438)

The Compleat Albert Collins, Imperial (LP 12449)

There's Gotta Be A Change, Tumbleweed Records (TWS 103)

Ice Pickin', Alligator Records (ALCD 4713)

Frostbite, Alligator Records (ALCD 4719)

Frozen Alive!, Alligator Records (ALCD 4725)

Live in Japan, Alligator Records (ALCD 4733)

Cold Snap, Alligator Records (ALCD 4752)

Iceman, Point Blank Records (7243 8 39194 2 0)

Live at Montreux, Eagle Records (ER 20124-2)

Funky Blues: Live 1973, Rock Beat Records (ROC-CD-3275)

Deluxe Edition, Alligator Records (ALCD 5601)

The Complete Imperial Recordings, EMI Records (CDP-7-96740-2)

Collins Mix: The Best Of, Pointblank/Charisma Records (7243 8 39097 2 8)

Albert Collins And Henry Hayes, Kangaroo Shuffle, Kangaroo Records (PCD 2294)

Albert Collins/Robert Cray/Johnny Copeland, Showdown!, Alligator Records (ALCD 4743)


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