Alger "Texas" Alexander


Date of birth: September 12, 1900    Jewett, TX

Date of death: April 16, 1954     Richards, TX

Place of burial:     Longstreet Cemetery

                             28404 Forest Road 209 (Taliaferro Road)

                             Richards, TX 77873

Has marker:  Yes, provided by Killer Blues Headstone Project

Grave location: 30° 33' 2" N. / 95° 48' 22" W.

The only known image of Alexander as featured

on the cover of Complete Recordings.

A Montgomery County Historical Commission marker honoring "Texas" Alexander was placed next to his grave in 2016.

Alger "Texas" Alexander - House of the Rising Sun


Complete Recordings, Volume 1 (1927-1928), Document Records (MBCD-2001)

Complete Recordings, Volume 2 (1928-1930), Document Records (MBCD-2002)

Complete Recordings, Volume 3 (1927-1928), Document Records (MBCD-2003)


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