Arnett Cobb


Date of Birth:  August 10, 1918    Houston, TX

Date of Death:  March 24, 1989    Houston, TX

Place of Burial:  Paradise South Cemetery

                          2237 Cullen Boulevard

                          Pearland, TX 77581

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location:  Block 1, Plot 26S, Space 2 

                            29°  34' 5"  N / 95° 20' 55" W


Smooth Sailing, Prestige (7184)

Party Time, Original Jazz Classics (OJCCD-219-2)

Blow, Arnett, Blow, Original Jazz Classics (OJCCD-794-2)

Movin' Right Along, Prestige (PR 7216)

More Party Time, Prestige (PRLP 7175)

Ballads By Cobb, Prestige (MVLP 14)

Sizzlin', Prestige (PRST 7227)

The Wild Man From Texas, Classic Jazz (CJ 102)

Arnett Cobb And His Mob In Concert Featuring Dinah Washington, High Note (HCD 7068)

Funky Butt, Progressive Records (P-7054)

Keep On Pushin', Bee Hive Records (BH 7017)

Live, Timeless Records (CD SJP 174)

Blue And Sentimental, Prestige (PRCD-24122-2)

Arnett Blows For 1300, Delmark Records(DD-471)

Swinging With Arnett Cobb, Apollo Records (LAP 105)

Blues And Ballads, Fresh Sound Records ‎(FSR-CD 813)

A Proper Introduction To Arnett Cobb: The Wild Man From Texas, Proper Records (INTRO CD 2070)

Arnett Cobb / Dizzy Gillespie / Jewel Brown, Showtime, Fantasy (FCD-9659-2)


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