Charles Brown

Vocals, Piano

Date of Birth:  September 13, 1922     Texas City, TX

Date of Death:  January 21, 1999     Oakland, CA

Place of Burial:  Inglewood Park Cemetery

                          720 East Florence Avenue

                          Inglewood, CA 90301

Has Marker:      Yes

Grave Location:  Sunset Mission - Mausoleum Bells, Space 930

Charles Brown by C. Sebold

Charles Doyle Convention Center

Texas City, TX


Mood Music, Aladdin (702)

Drifting Blues, Score (SLP-4011)

Sings Christmas Songs, King Records (KLP 775)

The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your Heart, King Records (878)

Boss Of The Blues, Mainstream Records (56007)

Ballads My Way, Mains (56035)

Legend!, MCA Records (MCAD-22112)

Blues 'N Brown, Jewel Records (LPS -5006)

Merry Christmas Baby, Big Town (BT-1003)

Music, Maestro, Please, Big Town (BT-1005)

One More For The Road, Blue Side (BL 60007-1)

All My Life, Bullseye Blues (CD BB 9501)

Someone To Love, Bullseye Blues (CD BB 9514)

These Blues, Verve Records (314 523 022-2)

Just A Lucky So And So, Bullseye BLues (CD BB 952 1)

Live, Charly Blues ‎(CD CBL 757)

Honey Dripper, Gitanes Blues Productions (529 848-2)

So Goes Love, Verve Records (P2-39967)

In A Grand Style, Bullseye Blues & Jazz (11661-9551-2)

Blues And Other Love Songs, Muse Records (MCD 5466)

A LIfe In The Blues, Rounder Records (11661-2074-2)


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