Don(ald) Wilkerson


Place of Birth:  July 31, 1932    Moreauville, LA

Place of Death:  July 18, 1986    Houston, TX

Place of Burial:  Unknown

Has Marker:  Unknown

Grave Location:  Unknown


Sweet Little Thing / Good Woman Gone Bad, Copa Records (8044)

Camp Meetin' / Homesick Blues, Blue Note (45-1864)

The Texas Twister, Riverside Records (OJCCD-1950-2)

Preach Brother!, Blue Note (BLP 4107)

Elder Don, Blue Note (BST 84121)

Shoutin', Blue Note (BLP 4145)

The Complete Blue Note Sessions, Blue Note (7243 5 24555 2 2)


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Don Wilkerson, Homesick Blues

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