McKinley "Kenny" Dorham, Jr.


Date of Birth:  August 30, 1924    Fairfield, TX

Date of Death:  December 5, 1972    New York, NY

Place of Burial:  Evergreen Cemetery

                         3304 E. 12th Street

                         Austin, TX 78721

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location:  Section E - 6 - 3

                           30° 16' 48" N / 97° 42' 4" W

Associations: Cannonball Adderly, Art Blakey Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, G.T. Hogan, Clifford Jordan, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Art Taylor, Cedar Walton


As leader

Kenny Dorham Quintet, Debut (DLP-9)

Afro-Cuban, Blue Note (BLP 5065)

'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia, Blue Note (BLP 1524)

'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia, Volume 2, Blue Note (BN CDP 7 46543 2)

'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia, Volume 3, Blue Note (TOCJ-1607)

Jazz Contrasts, Riverside Records (RLP12-239)

2 Horns / 2 Rhythm, Riverside Records  (RLP12-255)

This Is The Moment - Sings And Plays, Riverside Records (RLP12-275)

Blue Spring, Riverside Records (1139)

Quiet Kenny, New Jazz (NJLP 8225)

The Arrival of Kenny Dorham, Jaro International (JAM 5007)

Whistle Stop, Blue Note (BLP 4063)

Matador, United Artists Jazz (UAJ 14007)

Una Mas (One More Time), Blue Note (BLP 4127)

Trompeta Toccata, Blue Note (BLP 4181)

Short Story, SteepleChase (SCC600)

Blues in Bebop, Savoy Jazz (SVV 17028)

The Flamboyan, Queens, NY, 1963, Uptown Records (UPCD 27.60)

K.D. Is Here/New York City, Uptown Records (UPCD27.85)

As group member

Benny Golson, The Modern Touch, Riverside Records (RLP12-256)

Milt Jackson, Roll 'Em Bags, Savoy (MG 12042)

The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Volume 1, Blue Note (BLP 1507)

The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Volume 2, Blue Note (BLP 1508)

Clifford Jordan, Starting Time, Jazzland (JLP 52)

Jackie McLean, Vertigo, Blue Note (LT 1085)

Hank Mobley, Curtain Call, Blue Note (BNJ 61006)

Thelonious Monk, Genius of Modern Music: Volume 2, Blue Note (BLP 5009)

Max Roach + 4, EmArcy (MG 36098)

Sonny Rollins, Moving Out, Prestige (Rank 5016)

Cecil Taylor, Stereo Drive, United Artists Records (UAS 5014)

Cedar Walton, Cedar!, Prestige  (PR 7519)


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