L.V. "Elvie" Thomas

Vocals, Guitar

Date of Birth: August 7, 1890-1891    Houston, TX

Date of Death:  May 20, 1979    Houston, TX

Place of Burial:  Cemetery Beautiful

                         8401 Wheatley

                         Houston, TX 77088

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location: Avenue Love, Row Paradise

                          29° 52' 38" N, 95° 25' 52" W



Elvie Thomas - Motherless Child Blues / (Geeshie) Wiley and (Elvie) Thomas - Over To My House, Paramount (12977)

Mississippi Blues - Vol. 1 (1928-1937), Document Records (DOCD-5157)

Mississippi Girls (1928-1931), Story of Blues (SB3515)


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