Milton "Milt" Larkin

Vocals, Trumpet

Date of Birth:  October 10, 1910    Navasota, TX

Date of Death:  August 31, 1996    Houston, TX

Place of Burial:  Golden Gate Cemetery

                          8400 Hirsch Road

                          Houston, TX 77016

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location:  Block A Space 3 265E

                           29° 50' 11" N / 95° 19' 22" W


Milt Larkin, No Good Woman / The Soul Shakers, You Ain't My Brother, Amark Records (930/931)

Milton Larkin and His X-Rays, Best Friend Blues / Tennessee Waltz, Regal Records (3303)

Milt Larkin And His All-Stars, Down Home Saturday Night, Copasetic  Records (Copasetic 933)


Arnett Cobb, The Complete Apollo Sessions, Vogue (500116)

Arnett Cobb, Arnett Blows For 1300, Delmark (DD-471)


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