Oscar "TV Slim" Wills

Vocals, Guitar

Date of Birth:  February 10, 1916    Houston, TX

Date of Death:  October 21, 1969    Kingman, AZ

Place of Burial:  Unknown (California?)

Has Marker:  Unknown

Grave Location:  Unknown



You Won't Treat Me Right / I'm A Real Man, Ideel Records (581)

Don't Knock The Blues / My Heart's Full Of Pain, Pzazz Records (005)

You Can't Buy Love / Love Bounce, Pzazz Records (030)

The Big Fight / Bad Understanding, Checker (1029)

Flatfoot Sam Made A Bet / Pearly Mae, Speed Records (6567)

The Fight / Darling Remember, Speed Records (6863)


Buddy Guy & Jesse Fortune - Good Things / TV Slim - You Can't Love Me, Paula Records (P-479)


Red River Blues: Shreveport Blues From Ram Records, Ace Records (CDCHD 725)

Dark Muddy Bottom: Blues Obscurities Volume 1, London Records (278.051)

T.V. Slim: Flatfoot Sam, Official CD (5660)

TV Slim: Flat Foot Sam, Moonshine (BLP 101)


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