"Whistlin'" Alex(ander) Moore, Sr.

Vocals, Piano

Date of Birth: November 22, 1899    Dallas, TX

Date of Death:  January 20, 1989    Dallas, TX

Place of Burial:  Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

                         1311 Murdock Road

                         Dallas, TX 75217

Has Marker:  Yes

Grave Location:  Block 8, Lot 40, Space 6

                           32° 41' 35" N / 96° 41' 1" W


From North Dallas to the East Side, Arhoolie Records (CD 408)

In Europe, Arhoolie Records (1048)

Complete Recorded Works 1929-1951 In Chronological Order, Document Records (DOCD-5178)

American Folk Blues Festival '69, Bellaphon (CDLR 42071)

Giants of Texas Country Blues Piano, Wolf Records (120.629 CD)

Texas Piano Blues (1929-1948), da music (CD 3509-2)


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