Willard "Ramblin'" Thomas

Vocals, Guitar

Date of Birth:  c. 1901-1902?    Logansport, LA

Date of Death:  c. 1935-1945?    Memphis, TN

Has Marker:  Unknown

Grave Location:  Unknown


No Job Blues / Back Gnawing Blues, Paramount (12609)

Sawmill Moan / Ramblin' Mind Blues, Paramount (12616)

So Lonesome / Lock And Key Blues, Paramount (12637)

Hard To Rule Woman Blues / No Baby Blues, Paramount (12670)

Jig Head Blues / Hard Dallas Blues, Paramount (12708)

Ramblin' Thomas Chicago Blues 1928, Biograph (BLP 12004)

Ramblin' Thomas ‎– Complete Recordings In Chronological Order (1928-32), Matchbox Records(MSE 215)

Ramblin' Thomas & The Dallas Blues Singers 1928 - 1932, Document Records (DOCD-5107)

Ramblin' Thomas & Oscar "Buddy" Woods: Texas Knife Slide Guitar Blues, P-Vine (PCD-5724)

Texas Blues: Early Blues Masters From The Lone Star State, JSP Records (JSPCD 7730)



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